Morning a Healthy Breakfast | Morning Breakfast Healthy Ideas

Breakfast is the first and most important meal of your day. It not only provides energy to start your day well but also helps in controlling weight and keeping your overall health. So it is very important to have the right kind of breakfast in the morning. 

Breakfast should be such that it fulfills the requirement of vitamins and proteins for your body. There are seven days a week, every day if you have some new breakfast, then you also feel good at eating and also experience newness.

Sheela Sehrawat, Chief Dietitian, Diet Clinic suggests seven great breakfasts that you can add to your breakfast on different days of the week to take better care of your health with innovation:


Porridge Healthy Dish

Dalia is a light and healthy dish which makes it the best breakfast. It can be mixed with any cereal or made alone. Oatmeal Khichdi or Kheer is commonly made in every home. Due to the high amount of fiber in it, this energy is not only an excellent source of energy and also helps in keeping digestion power fine.

Mung Dal Chila

Mung Dal Chila Dish

Mung dal is considered to be one of the healthiest pulses. It prevents from getting diabetes. Cheela is made from mung dal flour. It is one of the easiest and better options for a low-fat, healthy, and nutritious breakfast.

Fenugreek Thepla

Fenugreek Thepla dish

Theplas are the perfect option for a delicious and healthy breakfast. It is a famous Gujarati breakfast. It is made from simple wheat flour. Although there are many types of theplas, the fenugreek thepla is many times more delicious and healthy than the ordinary thepla, as it contains protein, iron, and vitamins from fenugreek along with the fiber of wheat. It can also be made without ghee or oil to make it a low-calorie snack.


Dhokla recipe

Dhokla is made with gram flour (chana dal flour). It is rich in nutrients like fiber, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, manganese, zinc, phosphorous, folate, vitamin B-6, and thiamin. It is also a better snack because it is made by boiling only.

Mix Veg Paratha

Mix Veg Paratha Recipe

Paratha is the most commonly eaten breakfast in North India. Many people believe that it is an unhealthy food as it is prepared by frying in oil or ghee. But it is a perfect option to start the day. Just use vegetables or lentils to make paratha for your breakfast and can meet most of the nutritional quota for your day at once.

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha

Litti Chokha is one of the foremost nutritious snacks eaten in Bihar and Jharkhand. Nowadays it is found everywhere in India and it can be easily made at home too. Litti is made from wheat flour in the shape of a ball in which sattu is stuffed and chokha is made by mashing only potatoes or many vegetables.

Idly sambar

Idly sambar

Idli is made from boiled rice and sambhar is made by boiling lentils and many healthy vegetables. You can use oats or semolina instead of rice to make this breakfast more nutritious and healthy. The amount of fat in it is very useful and many nutritious elements are available in it because many vegetables are used in it.



This breakfast made from semolina is very much liked by everyone. To make it more tasty and healthy, many vegetables are added to it. If you want, you can make it more healthy by adding peanuts and flaxseed or you can also use oats instead of semolina.